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Canvas is used by the top 4 universities in the world (and 13 of the top 20) as well as many world-leading seminaries, Canvas is the benchmark of a modern, user-friendly LMS that will bring your institution online and into the 21st century.

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Why choose Educative Tech’s ET Canvas?

Announcing a new level of service for emerging market institutions.

  • Our partnership business model doesn’t just make you another number and revenue source. We are glad to be called to serve you.
  • Our product development is not geared to developed-world institutions but to your unique needs. We are constantly adding plugins and functionality to ET Canvas seen nowhere else.
  • With the help of Educative Tech, your Canvas can be hosted on African soil (or Asian or South American etc.). This can simplify regulatory compliance and reduces latency.
  • Our expert support team understands your context and challenges.
  • We are able to help you save considerably on your LMS maintenance and support costs without compromising quality or service. This is compared to both the options of the traditional Canvas provider or hiring in-house staff to support your LMS.

What is Canvas LMS?

The Canvas Community defines Canvas as

Canvas LMS is an open and reliable web-based software that allows institutions to manage digital learning, educators to create and present online learning materials and assess student learning, and students to engage in courses and receive feedback about skill development and learning achievement. [source]

Moreover, every institution needs a backbone to their contact classes even if they don’t offer online or blended learning.

In purely face to face settings, the positive impact of Canvas is felt even more as inefficient administration and resourcing is replaced. Suddenly learning material is always available, assignments can be handed in 24 hours a day, grades are released instantly, submissions are never lost or misplaced, paper waste is minimised and the list goes on and on.

Why Canvas LMS?

Besides its authority as the gold standard LMS, we chose Canvas because:

  • Its user interface and technology are leading edge. For example, when placed side by side with all the other open-source LMS options its superior usability is seen starkly.
  • Usability and user-friendliness are of core importance when considering an LMS and this is Canvas’ strength. It bears a strong resemblance to the online tools students are already very familiar with.
  • It is already in demand in our main market, Africa. Even the large Wits university in Johannesburg recently adopted it.
  • Before Educative Tech, the only viable option to implement Canvas was to work with a US-based provider and pay their steep annual invoices in foreign currency.
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Online is the new normal. Canvas is next-level.

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