ET WordPress

Show off your institution with a beautiful, mobile friendly, fast website built on the open source content management system which 40+ of the largest companies in world use for one of their main websites.

Screenshot of an example WordPress website

Why choose Educative Tech’s ET WordPress?

Bible-based institutions can no longer settle for ineffective, stale websites

  • We’ll help you distill the essence of your institution’s vision and mission and present it in a highly compelling way on your website landing page.
  • We are not a web design agency looking to sell websites and move on, we are your educational technology partner. We take hands with you to keep your website cutting edge and well integrated with your educational technology ecosystem.
  • On each of our clients’ websites we install an easy-to-use system which allows your appointed staff to instantly make small changes, right in the design itself, without having to navigate to unintuitive content editors.
  • We integrate all the functionality you need into your website, be it online admissions, online payments, access to student information, etc.
  • Our expert support team understands your context and challenges.
  • Our websites are optimised to encourage student and donor interest to rank well in search engines, and to be fast.

"I don't judge a book by its cover"

– No one

Your institution is judged by it’s website. Let’s make it effective.