Note: Our plugins work with any Canvas LMS instance.

Whether your Canvas LMS is hosted by us, another company or self hosted, these plugins will give it extra super powers.

LTI tools

Our LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) tools are plugins we built for Canvas LMS to enable Bible based educational institutions to better empower their staff and students. Our tools offer many benefits like like saving many hours of busy work and making available thousands of theological resources for Bible students. 

screenshot of our module builder plugin

Our tools

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Module Builder

A module based learning progression is the heart of a good course in Canvas but it takes hours and thousands of clicks and keystrokes to build a good one.

What if you could simply turn lecturers’ spreadsheet lesson plans into learning progressions at a click of a button?

Now you can.

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Logos Library Management

Logos Bible Software is the leading tool for powerful, in-depth Bible study.  

What Christian institution wouldn’t like to give all their students access to an extensive library of theological resources in Logos? 

With our tool you can give your students access to a Logos Bible Software library with over 2700 resouces at 1/10th of its normal price.

Turbocharge your learning engine.

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