ET Odoo

Not only a powerful Student Information System (SIS) but built on Odoo, the world leading open sourse Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. As an ERP, Odoo is the choice of trusted companies like Toyota, an expert of complex administration and flawless quality.

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Why choose Educative Tech’s ET Odoo?

A new level of service for Bible-based institutions.

  • Our partnership business model means we join forces with you to assure your success instead of handing over a one-size-fits-all system.
  • Our prompt support team understands your context and challenges and goes beyond the call of duty to satisfy you.
  • Rather than incorporating full admin capabilities as an after-thought you can have both a powerful student information system and a powerful full capability admin system.

Let’s leverage your data and blast you to new heights

ET Odoo has powerful data gathering, manipulation, reporting and export functionality.

Stop struggling and get:

  • Automated, error free data gathering through channels like online admissions forms, our Canvas LMS integration, etc.
  • Countless ways to group, filter, graph and display your academic and business data.
  • Reports you require at the click of a button.
  • Automated exports to accreditation authorities.
  • and much more….
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Like the dodo - old tech doesn't fly

Find out how to blast off with ET Odoo