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We are the only company that offers a full end-to-end solution which consists of world-leading open source systems. Systems which we integrate and build out to better serve our market’s unique needs. This is superior to a one size fits all system which is sure to fall short either as an LMS, SIS/ERP or website.

Do you need state-of-the-art administrative and teaching systems hosted securely on African soil?

  • We partner with our clients to implement market-leading open-source systems for them. 
  • We develop advanced functionality and integrations for our systems to better serve our partners’ needs.
  • We host our partner’s systems in Africa, at Africa-friendly prices. 
  • We give world-class support by a friendly and passionate team.

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Canvas LMS

Used by the top 4 universities in the world (and 13 of the top 20) as well as many world-leading seminaries, Canvas is the benchmark of a modern, user-friendly LMS that will bring your institution online and into the 21st century.

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Odoo Educational ERP

Odoo is the leading open-source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system used by businesses such as Toyota. On top of its essential ERP features, which every educational institution needs, our system also includes all the educational functionality of a powerful Student Information System (SIS) and lets you manage everything from grades to admissions.

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Educational technology consulting

We can assist you with any aspect of your online educational infrastructure project; whether it is giving expert advice, helping you build quality online courses, or evaluating the systems you have in place.

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Educational institution
website design

Don’t hide your new, world-class technology behind an outdated website. Increase your intake with a highly attractive, functional, and fast website with online registration functionality.

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Is your workhorse worked hoarse? Time for new technology.

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