Using the Educative Tech Logos Library Access Manager to access the Logos Remote Research Library

The Logos Remote Research Library is an extensive library of theological resources. It has high quality commentaries, journal articles, books and more to help you complete your research papers and assignments. If your institution graciously subscribed on your behalf through Educative Tech, they now have a number of seats or spots available for you in the library. You can think of these seats like seats in a computer lab wherein you can book days on which you would like access to the library and use any of its resources. This guide will explain how to create a booking to access the resources.

  1. Navigate to your account menu in Canvas, and then click on “Subscription Manager”.

2. This will take you to the Logos Library Access Manager, and the very first time that you use the Access Manager you will first need to create an account with Logos. Do this by clicking on the “Logos – Sign In”, as shown below:

3. On the Logos Web App Sign In page you will be able to create a Logos account if you do not yet have one. Be sure to save your password, we’ll refer to this password as your ‘Logos account information’ – you will need it again later.

4. Now you can go back to the access manager on your institution’s Canvas, and book a slot in the Logos Library by clicking on the calendar, choosing a date, and then clicking on the blue “Create” button.

Your booking should now appear at the bottom, as shown in the image, and you have the option on clicking “Cancel” if you would like to reschedule your slot.

5. On the date that you chose when booking your slot you will receive an email from (check your spam) and this email will have a blue “Join group” button – click this button. Note that this invitation, and the “Join group” link will only be valid on the day that you booked to have access so please go accept the invitation as soon as possible.

6. After clicking the blue button above, you will navigate to, and be added as a member to the Educative Tech Faithlife group. If it asks you to log in, use your Logos account details that you created in step 3. As long as you are a member of this group you will have access to all the resources of the Logos Remote Research Library.

7. Now that you have been added to the Educative Tech Faithlife group, you can go back to the Logos Web App Sign In page (as in step 2.) and sign in with your Logos account information (which you created in step 3.). Here you will now be able to view and use all the resources.

You will have access to the library for at least the full day on which you booked. However, on a following day, if someone else books in your place in the library, you will be removed from the Educative Tech Faithlife group, and the resources will no longer be available in your Logos account. You will have to follow steps 4. – 7. again to regain access to the resources. Nevertheless, if your seat is still available on the following day your access will continue, and you will be able to see if this is the case by logging into Logos and seeing if the Remote Research Library resources are still there or not.

NOTE: You might already have a Logos account, and have the desktop App installed. Do not use the desktop App when using the Remote Resource Library’s resources – it will try to download all the resources from the Remote Resource Library, but will delete them again once the day is over and you are no longer part of the Educative Tech Faithlife group – so you will just be wasting a lot of Data (about 7 GB). Rather use Logos on the website, as shown in this guide.

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