Choosing the right Learning Management System for your Institution (School / College / University)

Most Educators have years of experience dealing with students and their needs offline in a face to face classroom setting but with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen all that change overnight to possibly a whole new experience. For many online teaching is a different beast, often missing out on perks that an offline experience offers and involving new issues such as demotivation among students, difficulty in interacting with them and lack of collaboration – all of which needs to be tackled. These crucial bits, if not handled with care can leave students feeling stranded.

The great news though, is that after countless iterations of how to best teach online, the elearning community seems to have finally figured out how to deliver learning outcomes to students, completely online using Learning Management Systems. But with a number of these propping up the question then remains, “Which one is the right one for our educational Institution ?” Well look no further here at Educative Tech we have done that research for you and are all set to transform your institution’s learning process to meet the current online learning demands. Educative Tech brings the focus back on the student, with tools that give students a sustained feeling of progression and in the process keeping you involved in their journey.

At Educative Tech we offer local implementations of a learning management system called Canvas used by the top four universities in the world and 13 of the top 20 and we have recently begun offering a student information system to integrate with that. Canvas is built to improve teaching and learning in all kinds of situations – the classroom, blended learning environments and for fully online courses. Our local implementations come pre-bundled with some great plugins that we developed at Educative Tech such as the Logos library access manager that allows students to take turns to use the extensive Logos Remote Research Library thereby obtaining access to the library at 1/10’th of the cost. We also developed a premium Rapid module builder plugin that saves hours when building high quality learning progressions. Our partnership with the team at Feedbackfruits allows us to pre-install their full suite of tools that make learning fun and effective such as the Peer review and Interactive video tools. We have also worked with AWS to ensure that we deliver a great experience for students and instructors alike, whether they are viewing web pages, documents, watching a video, or taking a quiz.

But what is way more important than the technology we use is that we are not a provider of a product, but we are a solutions partner. In other words, we partner with institutions to implement our systems for them in a way that solves their problems and offers them a high level of support. Get in touch with us to book a demo.

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