Adding Users to a Canvas Course

As an Canvas account administrator or teacher you can add users with various roles to a Canvas Course, using, as this guide will show, the user’s email.

How to Add Users to a Canvas Course:

1. If you are an administrator you can click on the “admin” icon, and then select the account or sub-account in which the relevant course is:

2. The quickest way to add a user to a course is to click on the “+” on the right of the relevant course:

Alternatively, if you are a teacher in a course, you can click on the course (in this case “Violin Studies”), and once you are in the course select “people” in the Course Menu:

And then hit the blue “+ People” button which should be in the top right corner:

3. In this guide we are using email addresses to add users, so be sure that the “email address” radio button is selected. Now, copy in the email addresses and names of the users that you want to add. You can do this one-by-one, but if you have a group of students that you want to add at the same time it is helpful to have a spreadsheet with the list of student names and email addresses, and copy and paste that into the text window:

Note that if the user already has an account you only need to paste their email address and Canvas will automatically link it with their existing account. You’ll also have to also enter or paste a name if it is a new user who does not yet have a Canvas account.

4.Now select the role of the users that you are adding: Student, Teacher, Teaching Assistant, Designer or Observer. In this case we will add the users as students. Once you have chosen a role, click the blue “next” button.

(For this guide we’ll assume that this course does not have multiple sections, and that the students are all enrolled in one section.)

5. If, as in this case, the users do not yet have Canvas accounts, the warning in the image to the right will appear:

But if you copied and pasted from a excel sheet as shown in step 3 above just tick the box to the left of “Name” and their names will appear automatically.

Then click “Next”.

6. You should now see a dialog similar to the one depicted here and can click the blue “Add user” button.

The users that you have added will now receive an invitation email to the course, and will be able to create an account if they do not yet have one. (It might be helpful to remind them to check their spam email folder for this invitation email from Canvas).

If you now go to the “people” section in the relevant course (see step 2 on how to get there) you should see a list of the users that you have added, and whether they have accepted their invitations yet:

Once they accept their invitations the “pending” notice will disappear, and their verified email addresses will appear next to their names.

If you have made a mistake, and added the wrong user, or assigned a user the wrong role you can click on the three dots all the way on the right side of the row with the student’s name and change it there:

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