Creating an Account Wide Announcement on Canvas

If you are enrolled as an admin in Canvas you have the very useful capability of creating Account wide announcements.

For this guide, let’s use the hypothetical example of to make an account wide announcement to wish students and teachers a restful spring break.

Creating a Account Wide Announcement on Canvas:

1. Click on the “admin” icon, and then select the account or subaccount in which you would like to make the announcement:

1. Navigate to “Settings”, circled in red in the image on the right:

2. Navigate to “Announcements”, circled in red below:

3. Click on the Blue “+ New Announcement” button (scroll to the bottom to find this button if this account has had previous announcements created before):

4. You can now give your announcement a “Title”, select the type of announcement (information, error, warning, question, calendar) from the dropdown menu, and enter the body of your text. You also have the option of adding various elements such as links, images, audio, video or documents to your announcement. If you find that you struggle to insert images, documents or other media directly in the Rich Content Editor (RCE) a workaround is to first upload the media to your personal files in Canvas, and then select user media/images/document to insert it in the announcement. To upload personal files, you can click on your profile picture on the left main menu of Canvas and then on “Files.”

5. Now you have the option to choose who the announcement should be made to. If you skip this step the announcement will be made to everyone on the account.

6. Set the date and time from and till which the announcement should be visible by clicking on the calendar icon. Here you can also select the option to send notifications of the announcement to the selected users, instead of them only seeing the announcement upon their next visit to Canvas.

7. Don’t forget to publish your announcement by clicking on the blue button in the bottom right of your screen.

This is an example of what your audience should see on their Canvas dashboard:

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